Ordering additional resources (Daily Backup, etc.)


Q: How can I buy additional options?

A: Thank you for using Tsukaeru Net's VPS service.

For clients who already own VPS server, I will introduce here how to order daily backups, as a example for also other additional services.

  1. Log in to your Control Panel and on "Home" tab, click "Buy Additional Resources" in "Store" panel.
  2. Chose subscription you wish to extend with additional options and click "Next".
  3. Check options you wish to add (in this case Daily Backup) and click add.
  4. Confirm order details and click "Place Order".
  5. You will be presented Order/Payment Information. If no error, just click "Exit Wizard".
  6. After paying (almost immediately in case of credit card or PayPal), confirm presence of ordered service.