Creating user for sharing


To create new user, log in to your Tsukaeru Control Panel, go to "Users" tab and click "Add new Service User".

Under "Assign Services" check "File Sync and Share".

On the next screen you can choose user type/role between "Admin" and "Internal".

Admin users can login as the company administration.
An admin user is allowed to change all settings in the company configuration page including full control over creating/removing/changing users. They can't delete or downgrade themselves.

They are allowed to invite other users to access data via sharing.
Internal users can only invite new user as External, unless user is already registered as an Internal or Admin, in which case they will keep their status.
Internal user can't revoke other users access to shares unless the invitation to it has been send by the same user.

External (not available from Tsukaeru CP)
They are not allowed to invite other users, nor to create new shares.
They can only work with already existing files with either read-only or write access.

After clicking "next" and confirming settings finalise user creation by clicking "Finish". User will be created with a default settings from FileBox.

An invitation will be automatically send to user's email address. They should receive a few email, and by following links, they can set up their own password.

* In case you want to give access to FileBox to the already existing service user, you can do this by following "Assign service user" from "FileBox Account" tab.