Using Tsukaeru Cloud API


You can manage your Tsukaeru Cloud server through a Paralles' API.

■Basic information about Tsukaeru Cloud API

API server's URL:
User's ID: Same as user ID used to log in to Control Panel
Password: After logging to Control Panel go to "Cloud" tab > "API Access" > "Generate API Access Key" - that API access key will become the password.

■Tsukaeru Cloud API's documentation

We have also prepared a command line tool for easier use of API:

■Using API from command line

    Download package matching your OS
  2. Unpack downloaded file
  3. In command line, move to a folder with unpacked files.
  4. Inside the folder create a new file named " pacifile " with the following content:

    BaseURL = "" # API URL
    Username = "username" # Your account name
    Password = "password" # Your API key
  5. First run pacicli list command and check if you get a list of your virtual machines.
  6. If there is no problem with the above steps it means that API command line is correctly configured and ready for use.