Change/update of name server (DNS)


You can change the name server of domains registered in through Control Panel.

1. Log in to Control Panel , go to "Account" tab, "Registered Domains" at the bottom of the page, and click on the name of the domain.

2. Click on "Manage Nameservers" button.

3. Enter primary and secondary name server address and click "Update Name Server".

If you wish to use's name servers, enter as below:

Primary Name Server:
Secondary Name Server:

*Even if name servers of your choice are already entered, please click "Update Name Server" to force synchronization.

With above, name severs of the domain will be changed/updated.

In case of any errors, or problems with setting name servers, please contact our Support Center .

* Domain names of organizations and .jp domains are handled manually on the basis of application form. Please allow us 3~6 business days for the procedure.