Changing OS language


By default, Windows is installed in Japanese language version. However, this edition is eligible for installing language packages, so you can change language to your liking.

1. Connect to VPS through Remote Desktop or Control Panel Console.

2. Go to start screen and click on "コントロールパネル" (Control Panel).

2. Click on "言語" (Language).

4. Click on "言語の追加" (Add a language) to add new language.

5. Choose language and optionally keyboard layout and click "追加" (Add).

5. Click on "オプション" (Options) next to newly added language.

6. Wait a moment for system to acknowledge your eligibility and click on "言語パックをダウンロードしてインストールします" (Download and install language pack).

7.The installation will start shortly.

8. After installation, once again go to screen from point 6, and click "この言語を第一言語にします" (Make this the primary language).

9. You will need to log out for settings to be applied. Choose whether to do this immediately (left button) or postpone the change till next log out (right button).

10. If you have chosen to log out immediately, you will be disconnected from the remote desktop. Server should be in you newly set language when you connect next time.